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    AOWANDERS Travel to Grand Lake, Colorado

    Travel Bio

    When I started to travel it was in search of a place that I could connect with, call home and a sense of belonging.  Then I foolishly bought a one way ticket to France to join the French Foreign Legion which landed me on a zipline in Alaska.  I had no idea the door I was about to open or the world I was about to discover, but at 18 my bags were packed and adventure was the only thing on my radar.  I quit my job & set my sites on a life I never even knew existed.  As the miles began to add up, the stories began to pile up and routine began to dry up.  It was at that moment that I realized my lust for adventure had taken me down the road less traveled farther then I ever wanted to go.

    I have met so many strangers that have become life long friends.   So many random encounters, situations, scenarios & “travel angels” that have contributed to this amazing journey!  Without all of you none of this would have been possible so………

     AOWANDERS is my way to give back to the community of travelers, globetrotters, nomads & vagabonds.  Help you plan your adventures, fund your travels, share my tales & ultimately help you live your dreams.