Welcome to my travel resources page.  Here you will find links to companies and their products that I personally use all the time when I travel.   These companies help me to travel longer, cheaper and smarter.  Which is why I am sharing them with you because they’re a travelers best friend, and they’ve been helping me bounce around this globe since 1998!  

Since I am always working with these brands check back often for exclusive deals through theses companies you won’t find anywhere else!  


When you book your next trip using one of these links is one way to support this website and its awesome content at no additional cost to you.  In fact most of the time you’ll get a discount using the links below.    

Everyone travels differently.  While these companies are great for me they might be all they are cracked up to be for you.  So don’t spend your hard earned money if you don’t feel comfortable with them. If you have any questions shoot me an email.  I’d be glad to discuss with you about them, or other alternatives that may not be listed here, but might be a better fit for your travels. 

The worlds changing quickly.  Remember I started traveling before smart phones, google, craigslist, facebook and wait for it ………….wifi!  So if you think theres a company out there that deserves to be on this list let me know ~ [email protected]



Free Trials

Audible Free Trial

30 day free trial with Audible by Amazon. Cancel at anytime, and it costs you nothing. Need a book for that plane ride? Need something to do during your layover grab your free audible trial here. Costs nothing, and you can cancel at anytime. Every traveler needs an audible account.

YouTube TV

If you haven't tried Youtube TV yet your missing out. Youtube TV is the ultimate must have camper accessory!! With a 1 month free trial you will be sold on the power of Youtube TV in under an hour! For $50 bucks you get unlimited DVR storage for 6 accounts, live sports and local channels as well as 70 other prime time networks to DVR for a later watch. You don't need to buy the NFL Sunday ticket, Center Ice pass or any other sports package. You and 5 other people can have your own TV programing and your own DVR watching from any part of the world simulatenously with no issues. YOUTUBE is a game changer!!!

RV/Camper Resources

RVT ~ Used RV/Camper Classifieds

When your serious about buying an RV check out the camper inventory at RVT! Sell like a pro at half the cost on RVT. Tired of seaching city by city through craigslist? Check out RVT! You'll find some diamonds in the rough and some complete fire sale steals!!!!

Outdoorsy ~ Cheap RV Rentals

The #1 RV rental booking site is Outdoorsy, and booking through my site saves you 25%. Plus every RV rental comes with a $1 million dollar insurance policy. So you enjoy worry free camping and stress free rentals.

RV Share Rentals

Travel restrictions are such a pain. Can only carry this or bring that. Rent an RV for your next vacation, and bring whatever you want where ever you want. Test out RV life and see what all the fuss is about. Plus if you rent an RV or camper through this link I get to give away a prize this holiday season to one lucky member of this community.

RV Owners

Do you own an RV or a piece of lawn art? If your RV is just sitting in the backyard list it on RV Share. Others are making a full time income renting out their RV when not in use. One lady went from owning lawn art to 6 rigs and is now making close to $20,000 a month. What are you waiting for?

My Gear

Portable Outdoor Camp Oven

My first "glamping" experience was in the middle of nowheresville northern Canada. The nearest structure was more than a 5 day hike away. A thought I regularly questioned while eating homemade biscuits & gravy, pizza, meatloaf & pot pies in the middle of the wilderness. The outdoor oven by campchef is remarkable! I couldn't purchase this fast enough once I got back home. Absolutely love this thing., but love the price tag even more. A lot of my "vanlife" friends have chosen this model for there van kitchens because its hundreds of dollars cheaper than an "RV" oven model. Lightweight, functional, cheaper & offers all of the same options of a conventional RV "oven" does. Great for weekend getaways or replacing your old stove in the cabin up north. Very versatile little contraption. If you need to cook in the woods this is what you want to cook on.



Momondo searches EVER OTA (online travel agency) and booking site to find you the cheapest price available. Most times cheaper than if you book through the airline website themselves. I have been using Momondo since 2008 to save thousands of dollars in travel every year.


Kiwi is the greatest airfare finding website on the web. Some fare finding websites provide a price calendar for you to find the lowest price for your travels, but KIWI provides a price map allowing you to find the cheapest airfare in your area. Select only a departure city, or arrival city & then make your way to the cheapest option. Keep the adventures going with KIWI

Blogging Courses

Superstar Blogging

Learn how to create a successful long-term blog and media business online with these detailed courses and programs from travel media experts.