Website Owner’s Digital Planner

Price $8.00


This a is a digital planner created for website owners.  To keep track of their daily activities.  Track keywords, website stats, earnings, subscribers, most viewed webpages.  With special modules to take notes, project tracking ideas, follow ups, schedule appointments, todo lists, expenses and set following day focus.

This digital daily planner for website owners also includes seperate areas for top 3 tasks of the day, win of the day and daily inspiration.  Even website owners need reminders for regular activities and errands.  So I’ve also created sections to input grocery lists, daily expenses, gift ideas, house projects/chores and even a “try again” section.

This digital planner was created by a website owner for website owners.  Easily prints off to be used just like any other paper planner on the market, or use apps like metamoji (for windows) and goodnotes (for apple) to use as a full scale digital planner.  Download programs like Wondershare PDF element or Adobe InDesign to create digital bookmarks and jump anchors to use a digital planner in desktop mode.

This is highly versatile digital planner for bloggers and website owners that tracks the tasks we need to focus on throughout the day.

Actual screen shots of pages within this digital planner