Website Design Feedback

Price $15.00


Do you own a website?  Struggling with design features?  Need help translating your ideas to your designer.  Let me help you.  After purchase I will perform a complete “design” audit of your site.  Covering your layout, message, tone, color scheme and theme.  Providing you top to bottom feedback on the design of your website.

Why choose me?  I’ve been blogging since 2008, and have helped set up over 1,000 websites working with coders, designers and programmers from around the globe.  I speak the language.  Know what your visitors are looking for as well as what search engines are looking for.  I am not just going to give you a bullet list of ideas to fix on your own.  Design audits from me come complete with screen shots, ideas, tips and helpful advice.


How does it work? After  purchasing my design audit consultation package

Do you need my username and password?  NO, I don’t need access to your dashboard or backend.  A design audit is focused on the layout of your website, and how your visitors interact with your current design.  There is no need for me to access you administration dashboard.

Do you need access to my database?  NO,  a database is for storing files that make your website run. A design audit is focused on the layout of your website, and how your visitors interact with your current design.

Will your audit provide advice on what to do, or will just point out flaws?  Asking for critique from a stranger is a brave thing putting yourself out there.  I am grateful you came knocking on my door for advice.  Every website owner needs feedback at some point.  We have all been there, and if we won’t support each other who will.  So all of my audits come with advice that solely focused on the benefit of your users experience.

Why do I need a design audit?  Friends and family are great, but sometimes they only tell us what we want to hear?  I will tell you what you need to hear.  Sometimes that might be praise, and other times that might be difficult to hear.  Your not hiring me to be your friend your hiring me to help you build your business.

Do you have any examples of what a site design audit looks like?  Absolutely, check the photos below