CoronaVirus/Covid 19 Journal Day 95 – Civil Unrest Recap

Trump vs Corona Virus

In light of current events and the seeming resurgence of the virus and the complete absence of a coherent national strategy to resolve, execute or implement anything resembling a solution for the NATION.  I’m overwhelmed in a state of confusion. 

Corona Virus Breeds Compassion

Ninety five days ago 330 Million Americans united under a common goal for the benefit of our society.  Some of us needed more convincing than others, but in the end all of us “individuals” agreed to do what was right for the “majority” of humanity.  

It was a wonderful display of unity.  Unfethered kindness and endless generosity.  Even from the government.  Which stepped in and swiftly dispersed money that so many of us desperately needed to carry us through these trying times.  

It was unbelievable!  People were actually doing the right thing, and not just for friends, family and coworkers.  People were extending their kindness and generosity to complete strangers in need.  

The coronavirus was bringing out the best in humanity!  But as the saying goes,”All good things must come to end.”  Which is why I am publicizing today’s journal entry.  Because the generous kind acts we’ve grown accoustomed to over the last couple of months have come to a complete hault.  

Minneapolis Ground Zero

Civil unrest has replaced compassion with unfocused chaos.  Lashing out at any target within arms reach.  Creating symbolism out of trivial brands and products just so theres another log to throw on the fire.  

I understand where the root of this frustration begin with an overzealous power tripping authority abusing police officer.  Who was so detached from reality he couldn’t even comprehend a lifeless body wasn’t a threat to him any more.

Unfocused Protesting

What I don’t understand is what is the end goal here?
Race vs race? #civilwar USA becomes 50 individual nations?

Who is actually in charge here? Trump? State governors? The kid who burnt the cop station? The group that wants to change the label on my syrup bottle? Is it the neighborhood that just renamed my rice? Is it the support group that’s going to help me understand why Elmer Fudd cant hunt wabbits anymore? Is it the CEO of Amazon who is now censoring what I can choose to watch? Is it the kids partying in the Seattle barracade?

What’s really confusing is that there are so many blind followers in the herd completely unaware that what they actually want isn’t what they are fighting for.

Defund The Police

Instead of griping over the past why not placate for longterm solutions instead of temporary victories? Why demand police reform when all that is required is a change in the language?

Simple Police Reform

If a federal law was passed that said, “No victim no police interaction,” I would be willing to bet without even looking up the stats that every one of these unarmed riot inciting murders would have never happened!

When you say #defundthepolice do you mean let’s go back to 6 shooters on our hips, or do you mean refocus the police to actually protect and serve while politicians delete outdated laws and start passing laws that are for our benefit and protection?

Do we really need an armed police officer to show up at a traffic accident to oversee driver information exchanges?  Does society really need armed individuals patrolling our streets for cracked windshields?  

How will society endure without having anyone to call for boats causing a wake?  People playing in a public park after sunset?  Hiking off trail with their dog unleashed in a National Park or any other VICTIMLESS REVENUE GENERATING INFRACTION OF THE LAW that nobody dead or alive actually cares about including the police enforcing them!

Coronavirus Raises Minimum Wage

What really needs the focus of unilateral reform is a National Minimum wage that is high enough to meet todays cost of living?

I’ve lived in more places than most people have had the chance to read about in their lives. I’ve seen the best of our country, and the worst of our country.  

I dont actually believe the root of our society’s problems is “systematic racism,” and I dont think you do you either.

The problem that I believe these protestor’s are trying to fight for is not being able to chase down their dreams because the cost of living in todays society is so high that it takes FIVE DECADES of survival skills to navigate your financial responsibilities.

Stop The Struggle

How are you supposed to get ahead in life when you spend majority of life spinning your wheels in neutral?  What are you supposed to do with a full time job that pays less than poverty?

Theres a saying that I’ve heard from locals in every tourist town I go to,”You either have 3 houses or 3 jobs in todays world.”

How is that proportiantely acceptable in todays world?  Being poor shouldn’t be probable cause for police interaction!  Driving a beat up vehicle shouldn’t put you on a police officers radar!  Changing lanes without a blinker shouldn’t warrant an armed person to investigate!

I don’t know the exact number, but I would be willing to bet 90% of all police interaction stem from a traffic infraction in a poor neighborhood!  There is no reason an armed invidividual needs to enforce traffic infractions!

Just like your skin color shouldn’t define your class!  

Which is what I believe the problem is in society.  We have allowed police departments to dictate their existence through melodramatic justifications.  We have allowed police officers to justify their funding through targeted patrols.  Which inevitably leads to poor neighborhoods because its more likely to find traffic infractions in neighborhoods that can’t afford vehicle upkeeps.  Regardless of race.  It’s a simple numbers game, but are we funding the police to protect and serve or to play the odds?  

Do we really need armed police forces patrolling for seat belt violations?  The better question is do we really need double punishment for traffic infractions?  Did you know that 3 speeding tickets in twelve months equals a suspended license?  Are you aware that public transportation doesn’t exist in majority of the towns in America?  

How do you expect people to be a productive member of society in todays world without reliable transportation?  How do you expect them to educate themselves or better themselves if they can’t get to school?  How do you expect them to pay for vehicle registration if they can’t get to work?  

The DMV is the Devil

Before we go to far down this rabbit hole I can tell you from first hand experience that the DMV/DMS literally DESTROYS lives on a daily basis!  Based off of police interaction in poor neighborhoods, and if the federal government would raise the National minimum wage to $25/hour which is what it costs to live in America in 2020 majority of society’s problems would cease to exist!

People wouldn’t be side hustling in illegal activities just to keep roof over their heads.  If a full time job would pay a liveable wage careers wouldn’t be an extinct animal.  There wouldn’t be fraudelent online posting every other ad if people could afford the products and services of America with their paycheck!  The internet wouldn’t be our generations gold rush if companies could be content with millions in profits instead of billions!  

How to Save $20,000 in 90 days

The list of examples is infinite and could sprawl throughout society, but it would all come back to the cost of living in todays world!  If 2 million Americans weren’t given that extra $600/week from the American government how big of a fiascle would this Pandemic have been with 2 million people only making $1,200/month for 3 months?  How desperate would people have gotten with no money in their pocket and no toilet paper in the stores?  How many businesses would be closed for good?  How violent would these protest really have gotten had people been starving before seeing George Floyd’s death?  

Its time to overhaul America, but we need to focus that makeover.  We need to steer the direction of our future towards a longterm solution.  Removing statues and changing food labels isn’t the key to enhancing the quality of life.  From 22 years of travel I belive society’s frustration is based solely on financial responsbilities.   Rent is too high.  Paychecks are too low.  Vacations are for the wealthy!  

If theres not going to be a national leader that’s going to step in to guide society in the right direction. Than its time for a new leader.  A leader thats going to heal the country by forcing every employer to pay a livable wage! So that the bottom half of society can delete their frustrations of desires and chase their dreams.  If this is truly the greatest country on Earth, and you can be anything you want to be than how come after 50 years of working most Americans still have no safety net? 

This is my journal entry for the day.  Which I usually don’t post for public consumption, but the answer is always NO if you never ask.

Take this time to self reflect, game plan and strategize a longterm solution for the change you want to see in the world for yourself and society.  While systemic racism is unacceptable I think society’s current frustrations reside a couple layers deeper!  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  

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  • I fully agree with all of your journal post and nominate you as our next President. Sincerely, please run, we need you.

    • Moira,

      Thank you for those kind words, but I don’t think I have the bank account to run for president. We definitely need someone to run and bring up the talking points, but people of priviledge and wealth can hardly relate to the general public. Let alone do any type of governing that would benefit us. Maybe someday there would be a candidate that could relate and represent us. Doubt its this years election, but with everything going on maybe it isn’t too far fetched to see someone sooner rather than later.

      I really do appreciate the comment though. I was afraid to put my viewpoints out there in todays climate, but you’ve given me peace with my decision.

      Best to you,

  • I really enjoyed reading about finding RV hookups since we are looking into buying an RV. Then I read your journal. I thoroughly enjoyed that also. Very well written. I think you made some great points. It is such a different response to covid in every country. In Germany, my family tells me the government just said that everyone will still get paid and since their health care is not for profit and not tied to unemployment, it seems that they were not nearly as stressed. They may pay more in taxes, but they actually get something from it. In a pandemic, they are not wondering if they will be homeless and starving. And their transportation is awesome. Traffic cops—nop—cameras. When I lived there for a few years, I rarely saw a cop and yet it was safe. I guess they work on catching criminals instead of harassing people. I think many of our issues would just disappear if we’re decent to our citizens. Fair wages, equal pay for all, education and health care not just benefiting big pharma. I don’t mind paying taxes to benefit this country, I mind paying taxes that benefit criminals, corporations, and the power hungry megalomaniacs while those working and living and dying here get a lecture get a lecture on how hard they are working for us as they are emptying our pockets. And then pay to elect them every election. We may be crazy?

    • Liz,

      Thanks for visiting my RV travel blog. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my cheap RV hookups post, but if you liked that one your going to love the one I am currently reworking right now. Its becoming longer than I wanted it to, but its more transparent. More comprehensive. More actionable and more step by step for every RVer out there. Should be ready for publishing later today or first thing tommorrow.

      Germany is one country I have not been to yet, but your making me rethink my future travel plans. Sounds wonderful there. I just wish others would talk about America in the same light. I feel like we could be that great of a country if we could get just overhaul and refocus the core of America into whats right for all instead of whats right for a few. When it comes to health insurance I am truly baffled about the protocols here in America. A few years ago I broke my hand and my insurance allowed me to go the emergency room in Idaho, but required me to come back to Minnesota to have the surgery needed to repair it if I wanted them to pay for it. To me a hospital is a hospital and insurance should work at any medical facility thats closest to me in my time of need.

      Our entire system needs to be gutted and revamped from within to be the model that sets the standard for the rest of the world. We need transparency for every bill, law, protocol, fee and dealings going on within our congress. How many people would have shot down the national seat belt law had they been able to cast a vote on that? How many people would have denied congress a pay increase until the national minimum wage was raised had they had a say in that vote. We have the technology and capabilities to allow society to view or logon and actually vote for the things being discussed and passed around our legislation. Yet closed doors are still the norm.

      4 laws that I would believe would make our country great again or atleast put us on a path to recovery and relevance in todays world….

      1-no physical victim no police interaction
      2-nothing can be made a law in this country without the publics consent from a majority vote on all levels. Local, state and federal proposals. No city ordinace laws. No state speed limits. No federal mandates. Every governing agency would need 51% vote in favor of from the public before anything could be a made a law.
      3- Every existing law on the books needs to get reviewed and reapproved thru a public voting portal that only offers two choices.. Approve or Abolish. 51% or more wins the vote. A lot of stupid outdated irrelevant laws and revenue generating things would get deleted real quick, and our quality of life would improve just as swiftly.
      4-Rental properties can NOT charge more than 30% the national minimum wage per bedroom. Shitty one bedroom apartments can’t be going for over $2,000 a month when the national minimum wage only pays $1,160 a month before taxes.

      Its unfortunate that the people we elect to fight for us don’t even attempt to investigate these type of society benefits. Instead they step in line and do what has been done for decades with no thought as to how it will effect the populationt they can’t relate to. If our elected officials would put quality of life before profit maybe America would be a different animal.

      Thanks again for visiting my corner of the internet,

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