Tiffany RV Park Mesa Arizona ~ THE WORST Arizona RV PARK

Tiffany RV Park

Tiffany RV Park in Mesa, AZ is one of hundreds of RV Parks in the Phoenix area.  During snowbird Tiffany RV Park in Mesa Arizona blocks Netflix to its paying guestsseason RV parks fill with out of state visitors forcing most RV parks to go on a waiting list.  In the Phoenix area alone there are over 100 RV parks, and only 8 of them allow guests under 55.  Some will make an exception like the Tiffany RV park did for me.  Looking back on it I wish they hadn’t.  It was an AWFUL experience.   I had to go through an uncomfortable screening process.  Answering questions about my age, gender, relationship status, vehicle, age of RV and income.  It started to get really weird when I was asked about tattoos, cigarettes & motorcycles. I didn’t know Tiffany RV park doubled as a dating service before allowing you to reside in the worst RV Park in Arizona.

Tiffany RV Park in Mesa Arizona is the worst RV Resort you could choose to stay at in Arizona!  The internet is shotty.   The owner needs your computers physical Mac IP address before you are even allowed to access the unreliable internet connection.  Laundry machines are overpriced.   Your neighbors at this awful RV Park that consists of tar parking lot are less than 5 feet away, and just off of a main road.  So you get the pleasure of listening to cars drive by at all hours of the day, and the going monthly rate at this ridiculous RV park is $660 plus a security deposit and last months rent.  Electricity is also extra, and the manager/owner will do the meter reading to tell you how much that it is.  If Tiffany RV Park in Mesa, Arizona isn’t the worst RV park in the sunshine state its on the shortlist of worst RV Parks found in Arizona.  

Tiffany RV Park

If Tiffany RV Park in Mesa Arizona ran a campground it would look like thisUnfortunately, though this is how it works for RV Parks in the Phoenix area.  There are so many out of state visitors RV park owners can pick and choose who they want on their property, and even what type of RV they want to allow.  A lot of them won’t allow anyone under 55 because its very unlikely a 55-year-old individual is going to trash their place or throw wild parties.  So most RV parks play it safe and only accept 55 or older.  Some will fudge the age limit, but if they do the new cut off is 45.  Its one of the good problems to have as a business owner, but as an RVer quite obnoxious.  Especially if your not 55.

Tiffany RV Park

Phoenix Arizona RV Parks are very cramped and very expensive not even the Tiffany RV park in Mesa Arizona can offer cheap rates or spaceAfter attempting to barge my way into every other RV park in the surrounding area without success I finally conceded to the terms at Tiffany.  I did this over the phone so when I pulled up in person I felt swindled.  I’m from Minnesota when you take the RV out it’s like a camping trip.  You have a VIP spot 5 feet from the lake surrounded by your own little forest and closely watched by a gang of squirrels.  You feel like your cut off from the rest of the world, and up at the cabin or something.

Tiffany RV Park

This place was literally a 5 unit stand alone apartment complex that had excessive parking so the owner used these for RV spaces.  I was so pissed and frustrated that I allowed this person to put me in this situation I was speechless.  The owner waived me over when I pulled in, and I just sat there trying to decide whether to accept or drive off with a 40 foot travel trailer looking for alternatives.

Tiffany RV Park

American Summer Adventure Travel DestinationsThis is one of those times as a traveler you’re going to get taken advantage of. There is no way the owner of Tiffany RV Park could have known I was a traveler in desperate need, but because I wasn’t from the area I had to go by what was available to me to make a decision.  In this case, there were no photos online except the Tiffany RV Park sign.  All the reviews were positive.  He seemed intrusive, but friendly on the phone.  I wasn’t fond of the price, but the alternatives were even more expensive.  This is a classic travelers scenario that always ends with: “I wish I would have known.”

Tiffany RV Park

Many travelers find themselves in these situations because they rely on others to help them make decisions, and in this case I was relying on a greedy individual.  I should have known better because I was in a big city, and because my research showed me this was not an RV friendly area.

The expensive, intrusive & excessive Tiffany RV Park in Mesa Arizona will always look better in your rear view mirrorAs travelers though we get caught up in the moment and desire.  We’ve pushed through a previous
situation and because we did it became a wonderful and memorable adventure.  So we get overconfident or create these illusions that we can overcome anything because as a traveler we have to be amazing problem solvers.  We have to find creative solutions to ordinary problems.  It’s a daily battle that we fight and in most cases win over and over again.

Tiffany RV Park

This multi car crash is what if feels like to be a tennant at the tiffany RV park in Mesa AZIt’s not exactly like I lost here, but my travels to Phoenix weren’t as good as they could have been because of the Tiffany RV Park.  At their monthly rate plus utilities I wasn’t exactly excited for being their tenant, but if I wanted to live in the Phoenix area they were the only choice for my current situation.   The last place I was at that rate would have lasted me 3 months plus I was surrounded by trees.  Instead of a neighbor that was a hockey stick away.  It’s even more frustrating when you get yourself into these situations, and they just keep compounding.

Tiffany RV Park

RV park fees for full time rversOver the phone, I was told one price, but in person, those numbers changed.  There was a monthly deposit that increased every month until paid in full.  There were two different tax lines, and then there was the electricity.  It’s not uncommon for RV parks to charge for electricity, but its also fairly common for it to be included in the fees depending on the RV park.  Because let’s face it how much overhead is there really for a parking spot??? In any event, you finally concede and accept.  Which is the worst you could do because it’s not going to get better.

Tiffany RV Park

Tiffany RV Park in Mesa Arizona blocks Netflix to its paying guestsIn my case, the fees went up after 30 days as well as the deposit.  Which I still don’t understand what the deposit was for since it was my RV.  Then the straw that broke the camel’s back came in two forms.  After a long day, I wanted to go home and watch a Netflix movie only to find the Tiffany RV Park blocks users from accessing Netflix.

Their internet barely works the way it is which is confusing because the owner is apparently a coder & required my computers MAC Address to connect it to the network.  If your going to be that intrusive at least provide what your advertising.  Almost every hotel provides free internet with no issue, but every RV Park has wifi roulette!!  I have been to 1 RV park in America that actually had reliable internet for free.

Tiffany RV Park

Tiffany RV park in Mesa AZ will let you wash your dog in the laundry room, but not hang out in the laundry room due to allergy concernsThen I was told that I couldn’t bring my dog into the coin-operated laundry room because some guests might be allergic.  After asking if the sink next to the machines is where the dog bath was the owner huffed and puffed as she scampered out.  Guess she didn’t like that logical question.   I needed the Tiffany RV park to be more traveler friendly & RV orientated.

Tiffany RV Park

Phoenix RV park Tiffany RV Park in Mesa AZThey weren’t.  They were just like their competitors offering nothing, but expecting top dollar.  I forget about these things sometimes when I migrate to the big cities from a slower pace of life mountain towns where quality is better than quantity.  It was like I was a caveman coming out of my den for the first time in 200 years.  Everything was so fast and expensive.  Everyone so rude, materialistic & excessive.  The Tiffany RV Park owner is a perfect representative of the big city.  Excessive, intrusive, expensive & fraudulent.  But thats just the norm in the big cities.

Tiffany RV Park

Tiffany RV Park in Mesa Arizona wishes it could be this friendly to its RV travel living life tenantsAs a traveler its hard to differentiate between those that are genuine and those that are running an angle when traveling from destination to destination.  This is why some people find it so scary to travel alone, or impossible to travel alone.  I’ve been traveling since 1998, and even I run into this scenario from time to time.  Check out my travel solutions to your travel excuses guide. Don’t make travel scary, or get hung up on trivial hurdles like this.  Learn from them so that you don’t duplicate them.  Do you have a travel hurdle you had to overcome???  I would love to hear about in the comments below.

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  • Thank you so much again for the amazing tricks you have discussed here. It was remarkably generous of you giving away all the free RV tips and knowledge that you have been providing on your travel blog publicly what a number of people would’ve distributed as an e-book to make some cash on their own. It refreshing to know that their are still website owners out there that are looking to help people instead of charge people. Thank you for all the advice you have generously given away.

    I just wish I would have listened to it beforehand. Because my wife and I ignored it thinking it was just a one off experience, but the Tiffany RV Park in Mesa Arizona leaves a lot to be desired. You can’t even walk outside barefoot because the asphalt of this RV resort is so hot. I could hear my neighbors TV for the last 3 nights straight, and I asked my other neighbor if he wanted to split the cost of internet. Flat out in an offensive tone was told “Not going to happen”. Just a bunch of introverts living in a tiny parking lot under the hot Arizona sun. Wish we would have found your Tiffany RV park Resort review sooner.

    principally considering that you could have tried it in case you decided. These thoughts also worked to become good way to be aware that most people have the same passion really like mine to learn good deal more when it comes to this issue. I am sure there are millions of more fun instances in the future for individuals that browse through your blog post.

    • Gonzalo,

      Its really unfortunate, but that is the environment of Arizona. Everyone needs to make a living, and with so many snowbirds trying to avoid the cold winters its created an industry exclusive to Arizona. Is this an RV resort by my standards. Absolutely NOT, but by others it may be exactly what they are looking. To each their own. I personally was not a fan of the Tiffany RV park resort in Mesa, but it may be exactly what someone else is looking for. I personally just don’t like to pay for what should be inclusive items in an ala carte manner when the price is already higher than it should be. Especially when we are talking about a parking spot! Either way if your in the Mesa Arizona area and are not able to find any thing else there is always the Tiffany RV park as a last resort to meth head tweaker parts Southeast of there.

      Thanks for visiting my RV travel blog.


  • May I simply say what a relief to uncover somebody who actually understands what they’re discussing on the net when it comes to campground reviews and RV travel. You definitely understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More and more RV travel site owners ought to check this out and understand our side of the story. It’s surprising you aren’t more popular given that you most certainly possess the gift because we just left the Tiffany RV park. We were trying to leave a review on the net when we came across your Tiffany RV park review. You are so accurate in what you wrote. This may not be the worst RV park we have ever stayed at, but it is probably in the top 10 worst RV parks in the world. In terms of price, space and privacy. Tiffany RV Park is literally a 50 foot by 50 foot tar parking lot hosting massive 5th wheels, travel trailers, class C RVs and big Class A motorhomes. Whats really pathetic though is my home router provides better internet a block away to my neighbor than this tiny RV park provides its paying customers. Just goes to show you no campground owner cares about providing quality internet to its users.

    • Elke,

      I understand your frustration, and appreciate you sharing your experience with my RV community here at AOWANDERS. On a side note if anyone ever builds or finds a website that delivers our concerns to campground & RV resort owners directly please let me know. Because over priced parking spots and shotty internet are unacceptable Tiffany RV Park!!!!

      Happy Camping,


      • Hi there,
        We are the new owners of Tiffany RV Park in Mesa and have making big changes. If you are ever in the area in the future, we would love for you to stop by and see.

    • Elke,

      I understand your frustration, and appreciate you sharing your experience with my RV community here at AOWANDERS. On a side note if anyone ever builds or finds a website that delivers our concerns to campground & RV resort owners directly please let me know. Because over priced parking spots and shotty internet are unacceptable Tiffany RV Park!!!! I am not sure this is the worst RV park in the world but it is definitely the worst RV park in Mesa Arizona

      Happy Camping,


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