Quit Smoking Guaranteed in TWO WEEKS with Chantix


Trying to quit smoking is one of the toughest things I have ever done, and there is no way I could have done it without Chantix.  In fact it took me three times to quit smoking because I didn’t follow the doctor’s instructions.  The first time it took me over a year before I could make it one day without that nasty little cigarette, and that was only because of Chantix.  Before trying to quit smoking with Chantix I remember stealing my neighbors ATV in the middle of the night to run to the gas station.  Another time I borrowed my brothers car without asking to make another nicotine run because its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission in the middle of the night.  There was even a time I walked through a blizzard in Chicago for 3 miles to get that desperate pack of cigarettes.  Quitting smoking is obnoxiously annoying!

I tried everything to quit smoking.  From candies to nicotine gum and even the patch.   The only thing that allowed me to quit smoking after 16 years of nicotine use was Chantix!  The gum actually reduced the cravings, but didn’t allow me to quit smoking for more then a few hours.  Candy was useless, and the patches just increased my cravings.  Chantix allowed me to quit smoking without any effort on my part.


Change nothing but quit smoking with chantixAfter moving from Alaska to Washington in the fall of 2008 to work at Crystal Mountain Ski resort I stumbled onto Chantix.  I had been smoking since I was 16, and started because of a girl.  My older brother got me into chewing tobacco, and by this time I was going through a tin of chewing tobacco a day. As well as a pack of cigarettes a day.  Spending close to $500 a month on nicotine!  I was ready to try anything to fight the nicotine cravings and quit smoking.  So I went and got free healthcare out of Minnesota by applying at MNSURE, and got a prescription for Chantix.


Chantix allows a smoker to continue using nicotine while taking the medication in hopes of quitting smoking.  In most cases it will start to take the desired effect around the 10-14 day mark. 

How does Chantix Work?

Chantix attaches itself to the nicotine particles in your body.  Making them too big to pass through the membrane outside the section of the brain that triggers nicotine cravings.  Essentially blocking the brains consumption of nicotine.  This is how Chantix allows you to quit smoking because your body stops receiving the addictive nicotine that forces those mental cravings.  Once the nicotine becomes to big to pass through the membrane it takes a few more days for your body to neutralize the mental nicotine cravings.  The next stage is conquering the physical addiction.  Which usually happens around the two week time frame.   

How Long Does it take to Stop Smoking With Chantix

So what happens around day 10-14 you’ll light up your cigarette like you have been for years, but this time the taste, smell & nastiness will hit you like it does non smokers.  You won’t even finish the cigarette because its that bad.  Your body stopped recieving the nicotine a week ago, but it takes another week for you to realize physically how bad cigarettes taste and smell. 

Reaching this milestone in the quit smoking war warrants a small victory dance, but you can’t completely celebrate just yet.  You’ve broken free of the physical addiction, but you’ve only blocked the mental addiction up to this point.

Mental Addiction of Quitting Smoking

The mental addiction to nicotine is so powerful that if you quit taking Chantix at this stage of your quitting smoking attempt you’ll most likely fail, and be right back to lighting up in a week.   Which is what happened to me 4 times.  If you’ve made it this far you just need to tell yourself its only two more weeks of pills and side effects.

Experts say it takes 18 days to create or break a habit.  In this case if you do what I did you will only gain a temporary victory.  If you stop taking the Chantix pills the cravings come back stronger then ever in  a few days, and now you’ll have to start all over again.  I did this 4 times, and the longest stretch after stopping the pills lasted 13 days before I couldn’t handle the constant thought of a cigarette anymore. 

To beat the mental addiction of smoking you need to give yourself at least 28 days of  Chantix pills.  The first 14 days is simply setting yourself up for success for the final two weeks of no cigarettes.  If you decide to quit taking the Chantix pills at this point you will only have 3-4 days of physical addiction kicked and only 10-14 days of mental addication kicked.  

Trust me, I hate the side effects of Chantix, but like I said I had to start over 4 times because I didn’t do the full 28 days.  I actually did 56 days but they were all spread out so I never actually quit smoking for more than 13 days in a row.  With only 1 1/2 Chantix refill packs left, I vowed to take every pill until they were gone.  Forty-two days later I was out of pills, and a month without lighting up.  I had finally quit smoking!!!


While you don’t need to do anything to quit smoking with Chantix, but take a little pill twice a day there are some side effects.  You just have to remind yourself its only 30 days, and then your done with both Chantix and cigarretes for good!

Most Common Chantix Side Effect

The first Chantix side effect that deters most people is nausea.  About 25-35 minutes after you take your first Chantix pill you feel sick, and want to throw up.  This only lasts for about 15-20 minutes, and gets more intense over time.  Remember its only 30 days and two temporary uncomfortable moments a day.  How bad do you want to quit smoking? One way to lessen the severity is to have a full stomach.  Its still annoying, but drastically more manageable.  One trick I found that helped me with the “Chantix Nauseau” was a glass of orange juice mixed with an ’emergency vitamin – c’ pouch.  Might not work for you, but did wonders for me.  

Another Chantix Side Effect is Crazy Dreams

quit smoking & chantix side effectsNo one said it would be easy to quit smoking.  Some even say its harder to quit smoking than it is to quit heroin.  Hope I never have to validate that comparison.  Another side effect to using Chantix to quit smoking is crazy dreams.  When people say they stopped taking Chantix because of the dreams its hard for me to take their desire to quit smoking seriously.  Yes, the dreams are crazy, but they are only dreams.  Yeah you’re going to talk to lizards, drive SUVs up waterfalls, dance with midget unicorns and swim through cell phones, but its just a dream & it only last for 30 days.  I don’t even consider this a side effect because its so trivial, but Chantix will make you have some outrageously vivid dreams.  


quit smoking side effects with chantix The two worst side effects of trying to quit smoking with Chantix is Depression & Rage.  These are going to be the biggest hurdles your going to have to overcome to quit smoking with Chantix.  These two intense side effects of Chantix caught me off guard a couple of times, and will tempt you to stop taking the pills.  Especially if you have gotten to the 2-week point of quitting smoking.  Remember though, its only 30 days, and while the depression and rage are intense.  They are also quite manageable as long as you’re aware of them.

Don’t quit on yourself just because of a few unusual depressed thoughts or uncalled for tempertantrums.  If you have made it this far your so close to reaching your goal just push on and power through these temporary Chantix side effects.  Quitters never win & winners never quit.  If you want something you’ve never had before you have to do something you’ve never done before.  In this case you need to deal with Chantix Rage & the depressive state it puts you in from time to time.


What does Chantix Do To Your Body

The two worst side effects of Chantix are mental.  This nicotine craving killer enhances rage & depression.  Niether of these kick in until day 15, but when it does you better be aware.  You’ll find yourself completely enraged over the smallest things.  A commercial you’ve already seen, your blinker blinking too fast, your dog not coming on 1st command or your kid eating croutons before the lettuce in their salad.  All can send you into a fitful rage.  Chantix rage is real!


The wrong personality should not even consider Chantix.  Its only 2 weeks that you have to put up with Chantix Rage.  However, if you have consistent homicidal thoughts in your life, or just an angry person it would probably be wiser to continue smoking then trying to quit smoking with chantix.  Chantix rage is quite intense.  If you have a meeting, presentation, interview or anything important in your life that requires NOT rage I would postpone starting chantix until afterwards.

Family & Friend Support

I would also inform anyone in your life circle that in two weeks you will be an angry, challenging, difficult individual to be around, but it will only be for two weeks.  A way to avoid this side effect is ask your doctor for a prescription for antidepression or antianxiety pills.  I used pain killers to get through it.  I’ve heard though, pain killers double down on the  Chantix rage side effect for some people, so be sure to tell your doctor exactly why you want a pain killer or other prescription.


If you’ve made it past the nausea, dreams & rage you only have one chantix side effect left.  Unfortunately depending on the individual it can be worse then Chantix rage. 

Depression from using Chantix to quit smoking usually does not kick in for a couple weeks after you start the prescription, but I have met people that say it started on day 1 for them.  quit smoking how chantix worksAgain if you have the wrong personality you better have a strong network of support, or stay away from chantix.  Chantix will trigger a serious prolonged episode of depression.  Hundreds of Chantix users have committed suicide.  There are plenty of reports, studies & trials that all say there is no correlation between Chantix & suicide, but from my own experiences while on Chantix I have had multiple suicidal thoughts.  That I’ve never had at any other time of my life. 

I have never had these thoughts while off of Chantix, and the first encounter of these thoughts were very alarming.  The depression Chantix triggers is intense, and sometimes hard to manage.  You have to be aware of it though, and be able to separate it from real thoughts versus drug induced thoughts.  You have to treat this Chantix side effect the same as if you were on alcohol, or another narcotic and take necessary proactive measures to keep control.  Or better yet get a prescription from your doctor for an anti-depressant as well, and skip this side effect all together.


quit smoking 1mg chantix pillIf you want my opinion I think Chantix should be an over the counter option because it makes people healthier.  Unfortunately I don’t make the rules, and Chantix is expensive.  When I first got Chantix it was around $100.  Its now over $400, and nothing has changed.   Same ingredients. Same package.  Its even the same process.   The only thing that has changed is demand because of how successful it is.  Its pretty much the story line of “cost of living” in America.  Nothing’s changed as far as quality, products, materials or ingredients.  The only thing that has changed in America in the last 10 years is the price tag numbers.  Go figure!

How To Get Chantix

To get Chantix you need a prescription from a doctor.  If you have insurance getting Chantix is free and chantix 1 mg quit smoking pillwill take all of an hours worth of time.  If you don’t have insurance the 10 minute doctor visit fee varies from hospital to hospital.  Ranging from $100-$250.  Multiply that by 6 and you have their hourly rate for your 10 minute visit.  $600 hourly rates seem appropriate when the average American is only making $10/hr, and all the doctor did was ask you 3-5 questions about your lifestyle and desire to quit smoking before using his special skills to call in a prescription.  

The pharmacies prices are just as varied and just as grossly inflated.  Because I’m a traveler, and have bought Chantix in mulitple places around the country I am not confused one bit why are health care system is so illogical!

If you go to pharmacy in nowheresville South Dakota Chantix costs $278.  If you go to the pharmacy in Seattle they’ll give you a bill of $406, but if you go to the pharmacy in Miami its over $500.  Minneapolis is around $300, and Phoenix is closer to $375.   All for the exact same product in the exact same packaging that delivers the exact same functionality.

It used to be $150, but now it just depends on what dart the pharmacy clerk threw at the price board.  Even if you pay top dollar divide that by a pack of cigarettes in your area.  If it makes you quit smoking for at least that many days.  You break even. 

The experts say one cigarette takes 6 months off of your life.   So instead of listenting to me bitch about greedy america do the math.


quit smoking coupon chantixObviously there are knockoffs brands, and Canadian pharmacies that drastically undercut our American prices but I have never gone that route.  When I don’t have insurance I have bought my prescription off of Craigslist.  Yes I said Craigslist.  Pick the Craigslist city nearest you and type in Chantix.

Buying Chantix Off Of Craigslist To Avoid Ridiculous Medical Prices

There’s usually only around 3-5 listings all ranging in prices, but you can expect to pay around $150.  Anything less is obviously a deal, and anything more …..well put on your negotiating hat.

When meeting someone off of craigslist to buy Chantix don’t purchase unless their story makes sense, and the product is verifiable.  Seriously take a moment and realize how sketchy of a scenario this can turn into real quickly.   This is what I have done because I am comfortable in undesirable scenarios, but if your elderly or naive or young


Don’t put yourself in a position that has a chance of regret later because you wanted to save a couple of bucks.  Keep in mind any individual that is selling used prescription drugs off of craigslist is a desperate desperate desperate desperate individual.  How jammed up in life would you have to be to even consider selling Chantix off of craigslist for $100? Now multiply that by 500 and you might have some concept of the individual your thinking of meeting to buy used prescription drugs.  

How to Buy Cheap Chantix

Most people that are selling Chantix on craigslist is because they couldn’t handle the side effects, or because a girlfriend or boyfriend bought it for them and they don’t want to quit.  Or it’s a methhead that stole it out of someones house at a party he went to the night before.

Three things you need to make sure before buying Chantix:

  • Package is factory sealed
  • Pfizer stamp on one side of pill
  • CHX 1.0 on side of pill

Some refills are delivered in the standard orange with white cap pill bottle you find in every household.  However, most Chantix refills come in a blue & white cardboard pamphlet displaying 28 days worth of pills like shown in the pictures below.  I would NOT buy chantix in a pill bottle.  Even if they have the Chantix stamp I have no way of knowing if they are legitimate.  Anybody can buy a pill press.  Don’t buy Chantix from someone if all they have is the orange pill bottle.  Knock off merchandise is a trillion dollar a year industry, and knock off or generic medicine has their own place on the stock market.  I wouldn’t even consider buying Chantix from someone if all they had was pills in a bottle.  


I bought Chantix off of a tweeker in Arizona the other day.  He wanted $250 I gave him $90.  He needed a fix more than I did I guess.  I have taken Chantix to quit smoking every time I’ve started back up and couldn’t find the strength to quit on my own. The longest stretch I’ve experience of being nicotine free was three years. 

A year ago I started smoking again, and stopped taking the Chantix pills days after I stopped having cravings for cigarettes 4 times. Thinking I was good to go because I had done this before.  Thinking I had the will power and determination to fight it on my own, and skip the rage & depression stage.

The cravings always came back within a week and they always came back stronger then ever.  In fact this last of year of smoking I would buy menthol 100s cigarretes, and rip the filter off because I wanted a full filterless cigarette lung hit.  I have been smoking full length filterless cigarettes for almost a year now, and started taking chantix 3 1/2 days ago. No cigarettes in over a day. 

I have no cravings, but I know I can NOT quit now. Even though I have no urges now I know I will have a frantic craving a week from now.  I have 26 days left to go, and no matter what…….. yesterday will be the last cigarette I ever smoke.  I know the depression & rage stage are ahead.  Crazy dreams are going to haunt me at night.  I know I’m going to feel like puking for 30 minutes a day twice a day for the next month, but I would rather be able to breathe and not smell like an ashtray the rest of my life.  I’d like to date whoever I want without having to worry about hiding my smoking habit.  


I started smoking because of a girl.  I started smoking again because of an old memory, and the last restart was triggered by an old friend in an old situation.  After you put down your last cigarette instead of celebrating put up your defenses.  Remember your triggers and stay away from them! 

Remember how bad the Chantix Rage, depression, crazy dreams and nausea where.  Remember the Chantix side effects you conquered next time your standing at the store thinking of buyng a pack of cigarretes.  When you take your last pill do a victory dance, but don’t forget the war.  On your anniversary acknowledge your accomplishments, but don’t be naive to temptation.  One leads to two.  Two leads to three. 

Before you know it your back at the gas station once a day.  Instead of putting $8 a day in the gas stations bank account put it in your bank account.  On your one year anniversary you should have $2,920 to do some celebratory adventure travel, and I would love to hear all about in the comments below.  My Christmas present to myself this year is to be nicotine free, and start my new travel fund with old nicotine money.


Choosing to stop smoking is easy.  Accomplishing a nicotine free life is challenging.  Don’t do it alone, and don’t set yourself up for failure.  Your only going to quit if you truly want to.  Surround yourself with support, and set reasonable expectations.  Remember if you choose Chantix its 30 days of side effects to conquer the nicotine monster.  Bookmark this page.  Whenever you have thoughts of I’ve got this, or the side effects are too much.  Give this another read.   Set yourself up for success.  Don’t quit on yourself.  Be strong and stay focused.  Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things you will ever do.  

If you want something you’ve never had before you need to do something you’ve never done before!

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  • Chantix is a 90-day program. Doing only 30-days is setting yourself up to fail. Do the full 90 days and you’ll see success; but only if you truly want to quit. It’s 50% medication, and 50% mental.

    • Grant thanks for visiting my RV travel blog. I am no sure where you are getting your information from, but you are kind of right quitting smoking with Chantix is part mental and part medication. However, being able to quit smoking while still smoking drastically lowers the mental fraction of the pie chart. Like I said in my post I have used Chantix multiple times, and every time right around the 12-15 day mark I get a an urge to quit the disgusting habit of cigarettes. A feeling I didn’t have 24 hours prior. Meaning although I wanted to quit I still bought a pack of a cigarettes 24 hours before finally the medicine had built up enough to make me actually taste the disgusting taste of cigarettes, and smell the disgusting odor of cigarettes. That wasn’t mental that was the medicine breaking point of freeing me from my addiction. Which is why Chantix is such a wonderful drug. It deletes the constant thought of cigarettes from your brain with no effort from you. The doctor may say Chantix is a 90 day program, but experts say it takes 18 days to create or break a habit. So 30 days should be just fine. The first time I quit with Chantix I had smoked for 16 years. 1 pack a day and 1 tin of chewing tobacco a day for 16 years. I quit for 3 years until I stupidly picked up a pack again while in Tahoe for ski season. When I wrote this Chantix article I was on day 5 or maybe 6 of no smoking. I used the pill for 30 days and have been nicotine free for 1 year and 2 months.

      Everybody is different. Some will not be able to over come the Chantix Rage while others will be to completely ignore the chantix rage and other side effects from Chantix, but the ability to quit smoking completely does not take 90 days. The longest I have been on Chantix was 45 days. It was a tortuous last 15-20 days. With awful dreams. Horrible stomach pains and extremely intense chantix rage with bouts of suicidal thoughts. In the end, it was only 20 days of uncomfort to kick the habit of smoking once and for all. I couldn’t even imagine taking that pill for another 45 days beyond that. Its intense and sometimes scary. I am not a doctor and each persons body is made up differently but I would not recommend taking Chantix for longer than 45 days to quit smoking. I have literally had 8-9 prescriptions for Chantix and purchased it off of Craigslist another 2-3 times on top of that to quit smoking. Every long spout of quitting nicotine only required a 30-day regiment.

      Had I not put myself in certain circumstances I would not have had to be on this pill a dozen times, but from that exposure, I can tell you each time is easier. For example, this last time I got the instant urge to toss my pack of cigarettes on day 2, but kept up with the pills for another 28 days and have been smoke free for over a year. If you can take the pill for 90 days more power to you, but 30 days on Chantix will absolutely get you to quit smoking. You will actually quit smoking in 14 days guaranteed, but need to keep on the pills for another 2 weeks to solidify it.

      Thanks again for reading my RV travel blog.


  • Thank you for this article and sharing your experiences with Chantix. I have been on it for little over a week and was going to stop taking it before I read your article. I am experiencing weird mental and physical effects and some mild chantix rage but nothing I can’t truly handle if I really want to stop smoking. I am going to try this for 30 days as some of my friends quit a lifetime of hard smoking in less than 30 days as you have said. Some in one week and they are still none smokers for years now. Thanks again for sharing as quitting smoking is the hardest thing I have ever done…

    • Fredrick,

      So glad you took the first step to actually get chantix. Quitting smoking isn’t easy as your finding out. It’s tough, difficult and a constant mental battle. Just take it one day at a time. Just think of it in steps. When you take chantix in the morning you know your going to feel queasy if you don’t have a full stomach or at least something in your stomach. Make sure you take your Chantix with you or at least one pill so you can take the 2nd dose of the day around 3-4pm. Again remember to have some food in your stomach to avoid that queasy feeling, but even if you forget or don’t have the option to eat remember it only last 3-5 minutes. Take a 10 minute break if you have to or power through it, but its not permanent. Same with the Chantix Rage its not permanent. Its just your body adjusting to the lack of nicotine and lashing out. Remember its only 30 days, and you’ll never buy another pack of cigarettes again. You won’t smell like an ash tray. You’ll have an extra 2 hours a day of freedom, and an extra $4,000 a year to spend on anything other than this smelly obnoxious bull shit.


      You got this!! Your going to be so happy, healthy and proud of yourself 3 months from now when you can confidentally say, “I quit smoking with Chantix!” Don’t give up. You’ve only been on it a week. How long have you been smoking for? Its quite the magic pill, but it needs a little more time to work its magic. When the side effects kick up just remembere its only temporary. The wierd dreams and suicidal thoughts all go away almost immediately when you get to the end! Just let you friends, co workers and family know you might have some mood swings or unusual reactions to minor situations. Let them know you need their help to quit smoking! They’ll come to you aid. No one wants to see anyone struggle!! Shoot me an email and vent, rant or let me know what your struggling with. [email protected] I’d love to help out!!! Be strong Fredrick. Give the chantix time to do its thing and then you only have 2 weeks left. All of this is only temporary, and when you get to the finish line the reward is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Wishing you all the luck and strength in the world! Just think in 3 weeks you’ll be able to say, I am no longer a smoker! Think of all options that opens up! Stay positive! Stay strong. Persistence is the key to success. If you want something you have never had before you need to do something you have never done before.

      Pulling for you,


      Quit smoking with Chantix

    • JeriLynn,

      Thanks I hope it helped in some way. Just remember all the annoying Chanitx side effects are only 30 days long. They don’t linger once you stopped taking the pills. Well the dreams kinda do for a few more days, but none of them stick around for good. You got this. Think about how happy, healthy and richer your going to be 30 days from now.

      Good Luck & Stay Strong,


  • Oh my god Adam this is exactly what I needed to read. My daughter is going through all of this, and we were getting really nervous about continuing with the Chantix medication. She has to quit smoking for severe health reasons, but our doctor never told us anything about the Chantix side effects like rage and suicide.

    Thank you for putting this out there. You have eleviated alot of worry in this family. Congratulations by the way, and hopefully my daughter can make it through the month. These Chantix side effects are awful!

    • Jan,

      So glad I could help calm your worries. Chantix is goofy drug. Comes with some pretty severe side effects if your unaware, but delivers the results your looking for. Its just the price you have to pay to quit those awful cigarettes. Good luck to your daughter. She and the rest of your family are going to be so grateful she stubborningly took on the Chantix side effects.

  • I’m on my 3 week of chantix. Today has been a bad day I dunno why all I want to do is cry. I was fine yesterday. Everyday I smoke less and less. Is it common to have a rough day or two before the smoking quit date? I would really like some insight.

    • Lindsy,

      I’m not a doctor and can’t speak in absolutes, but it definitely sounds like a Chantix side effect, and one of the more challenging Chantix side effects; depression. One minute you can be happy as a teenager in love, and the next you could be experiencing awful thoughts. It will get worse before it gets better. I’m not sure what stage you are in, but you will ( or should I say I) become irritable, edgy and difficult to be around for about 2 weeks. This is the length of time it takes the nicotine to get out of your system. Quitting smoking is challenging, emotional and difficult. But becomes much easier if you have people to turn to. That can watch out for triggers and support you through these Chantix side effects. Smoking is easy. Quitting is difficult, but you’ll regret quitting on quitting smoking if you stop now. You’ve made it to the 3-week mark. You’re so close to the finish line. Stay strong! Stay focused. Stay on track! Remember even when you’re done with your pills you still need to be vigilant and proactive about avoiding old routines and old habits so that you don’t do all this for nothing!

      Keep up the good work. If you’ve been on Chantix for 3 weeks that means you dealt with the Chantix side effects 63 times! (Taking the Chantix pills twice a day). That’s an accomplishment. Don’t give up on yourself now. Today is challenging, but there are brighter and healthier days ahead. I just found out yesterday my cousin has cancer. Quitting smoking doesn’t make you immune from getting cancer, but it sure does lessen your chances. And that is not a path you want to walk down. So keep up the good work. Stay focused and power through this! You’re so close! How many days has it been since you’ve lit up? How much money have you already saved from not having to buy a pack of cigarettes? Imagine how much better life is going to be when you walk up stairs without breathing heavy. Imagine not having to sneak outside to go have a smoke, or have to get a coworker to cover your station while you take a cigarette break! Imagine not smelling like an ashtray the rest of your life or the sense of smell you’re going to get back in a few months! You have so many positives to look forward too. Right nows tough, but there are better days ahead. Chantix is awesome and horrible all at the same time, but just remember the Chantix side effects are only temporary. Quitting smoking is a permanent health & life upgrade!

      Stay strong,


      • Lindsy, I’m posting our last couple of email correspondence because I think people can benefit from it. While they try to quit smoking using Chantix, and help them on how to deal with the Chantix side Effects!

        Ty I just have no one to talk to about this. No one in my house smokes. And they have no idea how I feel right now and it helps to talk to someone who has been there and done it.

        It just feels like forever to get through this but I know it’s not. And I need to remember to have patience with myself while quitting smoking with Chantix.


        Its ok that no one in house smokes. Just let them know what your dealing with and what some of the Chantix side effects are. Let them know you need support. You need a backboard to bounce ideas off of. You need someone to help you get you through this mental warfare. You need someone to stand up and back your decision because its not an easy choice or path. I did it alone and it sucked!!!! Just find someone to even talk to about anything but smoking and chantix just to help get your mind off of it. Distract you for a couple hours or even a few minutes is beneficial. Doesn’t matter if they’ve never smoked. Just engagement is helpful and be engaged. Ask about their life, their kids, their car, their job, their whatever. Carry the conversation somewhere that will keep you from focusing on the chantix mental side effects while you try to better yourself.


  • I am starting on Day 9 of Chantix. Still smoking, but enjoying it less. I am on antidepressants and anxiety medication, so I’m hoping those will help with the severe part of the Chantix side effects. I really want to quit smoking, and I hope that can carry me through all the bad stuff. Thank you for your information & sharing your experience about quitting smoking with chantix…it really helps a lot!!

    • Becky,

      Thanks for visiting my site, and so happy that sharing my experience has been helpful for you. Your so close to being smoke free. Almost there. Sometime this week your going to light up and instantly ask yourself why you are puffing on this nasty cigarette. Wish I could be there to share in your victory, but remember it doesn’t end there. You’ll still have a tough 3 weeks ahead of you. So be strong. Stay focused and remember why you started down this path in the first place. So happy your choosing to quit smoking. Life is so much better after you kick the nicotine habit!! I’ll be pulling for you and sending you vibes of strength and determination. You got this!!!

      GOOD LUCK BECKY!!!!!! Keep up the good work, and would love to hear back from you after you make that first full day without a cigarette.

      Stay Strong,

  • That is the best chantix synopsis i have ever read. I did the same thing you did got cocky before the 30 days and stopped taking it I just started again today with day one. Congrats and thanks for the wise words I really needed today!!

    • Don’t quit on yourself!! If your ready to finally quit don’t sell yourself short! 6 months from now you will be so grateful you persisted through this temporary and uncomfortable situation. It sucks I know, but just take it one day at a time. Get through the day knowing you only have “X” amount of days left. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. Trust me when I say you will be so much happier, healthier and as an added bonus a little richer. Please if you ever need someone to vent or rant too my door is always open. Cigarettes suck. CHantix can really suck, but freedom from nicotine enslavement is undeniably AMAZING!!!


  • Best Chantix experience summary I’ve read. Thanks for putting this out there for those of us who want to break the nicotine chains!
    I’ve been a smoker of 30 years and have never tried to quit. On day 10 of Chantix, 3rd day cigarette free since I did the “hard stop” after one week. This sucks but glad I found your article today – really needed to hear that all of the crap I’m feeling is normal. I have to remember that I did this to myself and only I can fix it. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but it is reassuring to know that I’m not alone and that success is possible. Thanks.

    • Danielle,

      Thank you for those kind words,and I wish I had a magical sentence that would take away the chantix side effects from your life. Just remember it is only 30 days. Chantix is one of them double edged swords. Its awful, but wonderful at the same time. Chantix rage is intense, but being smoke free or nicotine free is sooooo gratifying.

      You said it best we did this to ourselves and we have to rescue ourselves. If we want something different out of life we need to do something different with our life.

      3 whole days without nicotine after 30 years??!!


      ONLY 20 DAYS LEFT!

      Don’t give in to temptation. Don’t light up. Start new habits. Avoid other smokers and other triggers. Let chantix do what chantix does, and you do what you need to do to be a successful Chantix user. Don’t be a stat. BE A SUCCESS STORY!! Be inspiration to someone else. Keep your guard up and power this temporary uncomfortable time in your life!!

      Fuck chantix and fuck the side effects of chantix. You got this prescription for a reason. How badly do you want it?? There just dreams and temporary emotions. I’ll never know, but I’m sure preganancy is just as torturous. Put on your big boy/girl pants and power through this. Slap chantix around like its your bitch.

      Go buy a calendar put it on the wall and start marking days left until your done with this wonderfully awful drug!!! You’ve already made it 10 days. You don’t want to start over from scratch do you?

      YOU GOT THIS!!! Trust me you will be so thankful when its all over. Start putting the money you would put towards buying a pack a day in a jar, and let that be the motivating factor to power through these last 20 days. Thats probably close to $200. Go buy a spa day or rent a super sweet AirBnB to reward yourself.

      You got this, and you know you got this because your aware there’s a change happening and your validating that its the change you wanted when you went and got this prescription.

      Stay strong. Quit smoking. You’ve done something you haven’t been able to do in 30 years. Celebrate, but be aware. Your 3 days to the good. Keep it up.


  • I went on the keto diet 2 weeks before i quit and it has never been so easy in my life . No cravings for sugar or nicotine and i only take one chantix a day

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