I’ll give you $40 to use Airbnb

Need An AirBnb Coupon?

I’ll give you an AirBnB Coupon that is worth $40!  Good for your entire vacation, not just one night.  Book a  long three day weekend at $25/night When searching for your next vacation rental use Airbnb and if you do here is an Airbnb Discount code that will give your $40 off your next vacation rental booking. www.airbnb.com/c/aoverby1 If your looking for Airbnb Coupons, promo codes or discounts AOWANDERS,COM has you covered. Share this link with your friends so you can all save $40 off your next Airbnb rental.with my AirBnB coupon and that lodging will only cost you $35 total for all three days! What is Airbnb & how do you get $40?  Are probably the questions going through your head right now.  Airbnb is an online rental agency that allows individuals to rent personal property to you.  You can rent a whole house, sailboat, camper, cave, treehouse, tipi, Mansions, RVs, vacant land and so much more.  Whenever you like for as long or as little as you like. 

Airbnb is single-handedly reinventing the current hotel concept.  No longer do you have to pay top dollar for just a small room to accommodate you or your family while traveling.  You now have options to rent an entire house with private hot tubs, pools, free laundry, wifi, dishwasher and a fenced in backyard for your pets.  All for the same price as a shitty hotel that requires you to be out by 10 am.   

How Do You Get Your Free $40 AirBnb Coupon?

Click any one of the orange links or photos on this page.  You can copy & paste this AirBnB coupon promo codewww.airbnb.com/c/aoverby1  into your browser, share it with your friends or write it down for later.  This will give you $40 off your next vacation!  All you have to do to apply this Airbnb discount code is signup by clicking on this link  FREE AIRBNB COUPON CODE.  Or read the directions below.  

Get your $40 AirBnb Discount NOW

How To Use Your AirBnB Coupon Code

Step 1: How does the Airbnb Discount work?

Clicking on my Airbnb promo link will take you to the signup page on Airbnb.  Using this link will tell Airbnb that I referred you to use their services.  So there is no need to memorize or enter in a coupon code or discount code anywhere on the site.  Using the Discount Airbnb Link does this for you, and will automatically apply the $40 discount at checkout. 

You won’t be able to see the discount while browsing through the available vacation properties, but once you start the checkout process you will see the total cost has been reduced by $40.  If you choose to rent an Airbnb property for $25 for three nights your total cost at checkout will be $35.  Deal, right!  Three-night vacation for only $35?????? Yup that’s what I can do for you, and I am happy to do so.  

Get your $40 AirBnb Discount NOW

Step 2:  How do you get the $40 Airbnb coupon code credit

To make it simple you need to spend $75 for Airbnb to give you $40 off, and they automatically apply it at checkout time if you signup using one of the orange links on this page!

Click on any of the orange links on this page & then follow the prompts to sign up for Airbnb with your email. 

Following these prompts the Airbnb promo code will automatically be applied to your account. 

Your first Airbnb vacation booking must be $75 or more.  That is not a per night requirement, but a total amount of your booking requirement.  For this Airbnb Coupon to be automatically applied the total cost of your vacation booking before the coupon application needs to be $75 or more in order for the Airbnb discount code to trigger.  

Use my AIrbnb discount code to get $40 off your first Airbnb booking. You don't need to search any further for Airbnb coupons. You can use my Airbnb Discount code and save $40 in the next 2 minutes. Sign up today

For example:  If you booked a two day weekend Airbnb rental for $30/night your total cost for that vacation rental would only be $60, and the Airbnb promo code would not be applied.

On the other hand, if you upgraded to an Airbnb Rental that charges $40 a night for your weekend getaway.  Your total cost before the Airbnb coupon would be $80.  Triggering Airbnb to automatically apply the $40 Airbnb coupon promo giving you a new total of only $40 for your weekend getaway. 

That was a lot of back and forth trying to explain  …….You need to spend $75 for Airbnb to give you $40 off, and they apply the Airbnb Coupon at checkout time.  

Visual Example of Airbnb Discount Scenario to get $40 OFF Your Rental Price

Night One ($20) + Night Two ($20) + Night Three ($20) + Night Four ($20) = a total of $80 (Tada, Five dollars above the $75 requirement so you triggered the Airbnb Discount code……WOOHOOO!)


A single night stay of $75 or more also triggers that sweet Airbnb Discount Code.  Simple, right?!

Get your $40 AirBnb Discount NOW

To activate the AirBnb Coupon you need to book your first trip of $75 or more. This can be a booking for one night of $75 or multiple nights that equal up to $75 to get your $40 Airbnb discount credit. If I were you looking for cheap rv hook ups. I would use this credit for a multi day listing. Find a farmer that will rent out his a hookups for a few dollars a day, and then use this Airbnb Coupon to take $40 off your total booking. If you can find a farmer or homeowner willing to do a monthly rental for $150 after using my Airbnb Promo code you would only be paying $110 for that first month for full RV hookups. So use my airbnb coupon code to save you money when traveling with an RV

Step 3:  How to test if the Airbnb Discount promo code is working.  

To test the Airbnb Discount code after you have signed up through any one of the Airbnb Discount Links I’ve provided.  Find a vacation rental you want to book for your next getaway, but remember for the Airbnb Discount to trigger.   Your total has to be $75 or more.  Once you’ve found your dream vacation rental spot book it with your credit card, and enjoy the $40 worth of savings by ordering a nice meal you wouldn’t have otherwise.  Or consider the first $40 at the bar on me while on your next Airbnb Vacation.  

I just did a quick search for Airbnb’s available in Paris for under $100, and these are all within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower.

Using and Airbnb coupon can save you money when booking your next vacation rental. Using airbnb to find cheap rv hookups or dream accommodations is only click away. I will give you $40 to use Airbnb on your next vacation.

Get your $40 AirBnb Discount NOW

Step 4: What If You Have Been Using AirBnB to Wander the World Already, BUT STILL WANT THE $40 AirBnb Coupon?

Don’t worry I got you covered.  Send this link (www.airbnb.com/c/aoverby1 )to your travel partner.  If they don’t have an email address or don’t want to use an existing email address it’s free and easy to set up a new email address with Google.  Have them use that new email address to create a new profile on AirBnb, but remember to get the $40 credit you need to use THIS LINK.  Using there new email address & my Airbnb Coupons will have you setup in under 5 minutes.  Search for listings, and book your new vacation.  Easy, right?

Get your $40 AirBnb Discount NOW

*****BONUS TIP******  How to use AirBnb to Find Cheap RV Hookups

If you read my Cheap RV Hook UPs or Free Camping Guide you know I use Airbnb a lot to make my life easier.  Most people use Airbnb to find homes to rent.  I mainly use Airbnb to find Cheap RV hookups.  It takes a little more work than simply clicking and booking, but when you book a private beach for $200 a month with full hookups I’m not complaining.  Now go use my link to book that 30-day vacation and it will only cost you $160.  SUPER DEAL ALERT!

But How Do I find Airbnb Deals Like That?

You have to know what to look for.  You might be able to find a spot for your RV in downtown New York, but I guarantee you can find a spot in Whitefish, Montana.  Where?  Exactly.  Airbnb is wonderful as it’s coverage map is massive, but if you want to use Airbnb to find Cheap Rv Hookups than you need to look listings with big yards or farms.  In or near a tourist destination helps.  You don’t need to find a listing at the gates of Yellowstone, but the surrounding towns around would be a great place to start.  Offseason is another variable to take into consideration. 

Trying to book a month for cheap rv hookups in the middle of July near Yellowstone isn’t going to happen.  But if you wait till the kids go back to school or right before they get out that property opener will be more receptive to your requests.  Listing with few bookings and few reviews are even easier to convince into letting you stay for 30 days during prime season.  They don’t know the ropes yet or have the “internet” reputation to say “NO.”Use airbnb to find cheap rv hookups any where in america, and if you use my Airbnb coupon code you will get $40 off your first booking. Whether thats a month or a single night I'll give you $40 to use Airbnb one time.

Get your $40 AirBnb Discount NOW

When I am using Airbnb to find long-term stay with my RV.  I usually look for small towns off the beaten path during the offseason and away from tourist hotspots.  Farms, vacant land or massive properties are my main focus.  It’s extra income for listings that get little attention and sprawling property with carefree owners.  A win for all parties involved.   

AirBnb Coupon Examples

Last year a buddy of mine found an ocean front property with full hookups.  The listing on Airbnb stated $56/night.  My friend wasn’t going to pay $1,500 a month.  Using the dates available he could see the rental history of this property.   Seeing it only booked a few times a month. Even during peak tourist season.  This was the perfect property to target. He found a month with no reservations and emailed the property owner.  Asking if he would be interested in a monthly rental for “X” month.  After a few back and forths, the property owner agreed to $285 for the month.  My friend used a link on this page to sign up and book his vacation rental.  Using the AirBnB Coupon from this site he only paid $245.  For a month of ocean front full hookups on his Class C RV.

Get your $40 AirBnb Discount NOW

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  • Adam, I’ll admit I forgot I signed up for your newsletter, and today at work when I opened your latest a lightbulb turned on. Thank you so much for this AirBnB coupon. I used it to rent 8 vacation rentals in February that I am going to give to my grandkids. You nailed it when you told me about that in the email. They are going to love this. They never get to go on vacation, and because of you 8 of them can all have their own mini vacation on us. Happy Holidays Adam.

    • Bart,

      That is so awesome to hear! Glad someone took advantage of this wonderful partnership. Sounds like you’re talking about my location destination vacation getaway tip. Careful, you might be opening a door of new family travel traditions. Super excited for you and the family. Send me some pictures when you get back. Maybe we can do something else for you all. Enjoy the holidays Bart, and as always thanks for visiting my travel blog.

      Warm Regards,


  • I am getting Airbnb latest coupon alerts daily from signing up with your AirBnB Coupon. Thank you so much for this article. We found a wonderful couple in Lake Tahoe that rented us their cozy slopeside cabin for the entire holiday week, and with your AirBnB coupon we basically got a free nights stay in our favorite ski town. So glad I visited your travel blog.

    • Talia,

      I am so glad you found a place in Lake Tahoe to rent through my AirBnB Coupon. I love Lake Tahoe and go back for at least a month every ski season. I used to work at Kirkwood, but have a lot of friends at Northstar and Heavenly ski resort. And I love the mechanical horse racing game at the monte blu casino. Only costs $25 for all night entertainment with free drinks. You’re going to love Lake Tahoe such a beautiful place. Can’t wait to pull back into town. You’re making me jealous for being stuck in the midwest right now, but enjoy the Holiday season, and sending fluffy powder vibes your way. Thank you for checking out my travel blog.


    • No I just email the private rv lot owner and ask them what amenities they offer. Most Airbnb listing won’t have RV hookups which I why I suggest using Hipcamp more than Airbnb nowadays because Hipcamp is geared for RVers and there are more listings with full RV hookups. Airbnb are more of a brick and mortart style short term rental platform. So I approach the Airbnb angle as though it was like boondocking or dispersed camping and use my two favorite RV accessories. My norwesco 35 gallon water tank, and 40 gallon black water tank caddy. I can camp anywhere for as long as I like without any hookups.

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