Best onboard generator for travel trailer for less than $200! With Video

Best Generator For Travel Trailer

Looking for the best generator for your new travel trailer?  I’ve been on that portable generator hunt Best Generator for travel trailer is the electric start 3400 watt Champion RV ready ultra quiet generator that can run on propane or gas.before. Multiple times in fact!  I don’t understand why traveler trailers don’t come with an onboard generator.   It’s not like theres no demand for onboard generators in a travel trailer.  Almost every RV comes equipped with an Onan or Cummins onboard super quiet generator.  Did you know that most 5th wheels come equipped with a 5,500 watt Onan micro quiet generator?  So how come travel trailers don’t come with an onboard generator?   I’ll tell you right now the best generator for travel trailer is the Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Electric Start, and you can turn it into an onboard travel trailer generator for less than $200!  With the proper travel trailer accessories of course.  If you want to skip the reasons why this is best portable generator for any travel trailer, and learn how I made the Champion 3400 watt Dual Fuel generator into an onboard travel trailer generator for less than $200 click here to move down the page.

Why Is The Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Generator The Best Generator For Travel Trailer

The Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Generator is a remarkbly super quiet portable power source that can run on three different fuels.  This lightweight generator can run on gasoline, propane or natural gas.  You have to buy a $15 adapter to run this camper generator off of natural gas, but thats an easy expense to justify.  That alone doesn’t make it the best rv generator for your travel trailer.  Here’s what makes the Champion 3400-Watt the best travel trailer generator.

  1. Solid Construction Generator.  Even the gas cap is of heavy duty construction.
  2. Portable Generator.  With built in wheels and a flip up handle you can roll this lightweight generator anywhere
  3. Electric Start Generator.  The built in battery gives you a couple of wonderful options.
    1. Push button starting
    2. Easy to install a remote start
    3. Wire a toggle switch inside your travel trailer for push button starting
  4. Long Run Time Generator.  I only run this portable generator on economy mode, and it will power my travel trailer for 14 hours on one take of gas.
    1.  Gasoline Tank size is 1.6 gallons (Less than $5 to fill).  Champion states on their site this should only run for 7.5 hours.
    2. 20 gallon propane (haven’t tried) according to Champion this camper generator should run for around 14 hours.
  5. Super Quiet Generator. The product page calls the Champion 3400 watt an Ultra quiet generator that runs at 59dB.
    1. This generator is so quiet I can barely here it inside my travel trailer.  While Urban boondocking in Minnesota I would have never started up my old Ryobi 1800 watt generator because of how loud it was.  In economy mode I can barely hear this generator 10 feet away in an open parking lot standing outside.  Its the quietest generator I have ever heard!
    2. The reviews on Amazon are littered with comments like: quieter than the honda 3000 generator, quietest RV generator, super quiet generator, no noise generator,  best quiet generator we ever had, such a quiet generator, best camping generator with no noise, love how quiet this generator is.
  6. Powerful Generator. 3400 Watts Starting & 3100 Watts Running
    1. This portable quiet generator is so powerful it can run the fridge, microwave & air conditioner all at the same in economy mode!
    2. Parallel Ready – Connect with another Champion inverter for increased power up to 6,200-watts or 50amps!
  7. Clean Power Supply Generator. ~ Pure Syne Wave Outpout — **NO OTHER GENERATOR ON THE MARKET DELIVERS PURE SYNE**
    1. This means that this super quiet, lightweight, portable & powerful generator puts out clean electricity for your sensitive electronics.
  8. Quick Touch Panel. Convienently access all the controls on one panel.
    1. Easy to switch between gas or propane
    2. Flip a switch to toggle between quiet and loud
    3. Equipped with 2 USB plugin ports
    4. Two 120volt plugins
    5. Easy to access inline fuses
    6. 30 amp RV plugin
    7. Oil level light indicators
  9.   Lightweight Generator.  Weighs less than 99 pounds
    1. Sturdy handles to pick it up
    2. Flip up hand to roll it into place at your campsite
    3. Heavy duty wheels

Best Portable Generator For Travel  Trailer

All that stacks up pretty well for making a solid case for the Champion 3400 watt Dual Fuel as being the best portable generator for travel trailer, but let me do some comparisons.

I used to own 2 Ryobi 1800 watt generators.  For five years, I lugged them around and cringed The best generator for Travel Trailer is the Champion 3400 watt dual fuel ultra quiet portable lightweight rv ready generatoreverytime I had to use them.  They were heavy, awkward, and guzzled fuel.  I had to run them in parallel to have a fully functioning camper.  It was a 20 minute chore at every destination to unload the portable generators, and get em situated away from the travel trailer.  As I type this I remember a lady at a campground in Steamboat Springs asking me if I was going to be running those “things” all night?

My simple reply,”Well it took me an hour to get them pull started so that I could have heat.  So I’d like to benefit from that workout as long as I can.”  She didn’t find that funny and walked away in huffing stride to complain to her husband.

Portable Generator Comparisons

I’ve lived on a houseboat with a Honda 3000 watt generator.  Been surrounded by other campers sporting various gasoline generators over the years.  A few have peaked my interest, but only one has impressed me.  The Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RVGenerator with Electric Start is easily the best portable generator for travel trailer or any camper. That I have come across in 21 years of RV travel.

The best generator for travel trailer with wireless electric remote start is the Champion 3150 watt rv ready generator. This model is the perfect model to use as an onboard generator for your new travel trailer with 14 1/2 hours of run time on one tank of gas. Right now I am using this portable generator in a Casino parking lot, and nobody cares because they can’t hear it.  I’m not even being stealthy about it.  My travel trailer is parked in one spot  with my wall slide full yextended.  Toyota Tacoma parked in another spot.  With the shore power chord lying on the pavement connecting the two because I let my brother borrow it for the weekend, and I’m too lazy to remount it on the travel trailer right now.

No one cares because the Champion 3400-watt Dual Fuel is best portable quiet generator on their market today for your travel trailer.

Quiet RV Generator For Travel Trailer

I grew up in Minnesota camping with a honda 5.5 horsepower generator.  I hated that thing.  There was a constant rumbling in the air from it, and I remember always having to fill it up.  That old honda generator instilled a deep hatred inside of me for all generators.  Constantly struggling to fall asleep through the noise or having to get up in the middle of the night to refuel it.  It wasn’t until years later I stumbled across my Ryobi’s that claimed they were a quiet generator.  They were definitely galaxies quieter than that old honda generator I fought with as a kid, but not as quiet as my Champion generator.

Ultra Quiet Travel Trailer Generator

If your looking for a quiet generator for your travel trailer consider the Champion 3400 watt dual fuel portable generator.  Even when its not in economy mode this portable generator puts out a low muffled ambiant background noise.  When the heater kicks on in my 2013 travel trailer its louder than this quiet RV generator.  Watching a movie on my cell phone is louder than this quiet RV generator powering up my travel trailer.  This generator is so quiet that it sometimes startles Kota.  Prompting a round of barks and air sniffing as he investigates where this new found noise is coming from.  I haven’t had the heart to tell him he’s getting old because its been running for hours.

If your looking for a generator that is quieter than the speakers on your cell phone or the fan on your travel trailers furnace than test out the Champion Ultra Quiet Generator! The Champion 3400 watt dual fuel quiet rv generator is the best generator I have ever owned with my travel trailer. 

Camping Generator For Travel Trailer

The best camping generator for your new travel trailer is the 3400 watt dual fuel electric start generator. Capable of running for up to 14 hours off of either propane or gasoline this quiet generator is made for camping. Whether in your new motorhome, camper, 5th wheel or travel trailer. This ultra quiet portable generator is the best electric start generator on the market today. If your looking to pickup a portable power source I couldn’t recommend the Champion camping generator strongly enough.  Take a look around this site.  I don’t write product reviews, sponsored posts or any of that non sense.  That should tell you how highly I think of this camping generator for your travel trailer.  Its a wonderful portable and quiet camping generator.  Perfect for travel trailers!  Strong enough to run any RV.  Quiet enough to operate in any campground, and stealthy enough to let you urban boondock under the radar.  It is by far the best camping generator for any travel trailer I have come across in a long time.

Camping Generator With Multiple Fuel Sources

With the ability to run off of propane or natural gas this portable generator could easily run an off grid setup relatively inexpensive.  Call your local propane company and have them deliver a 1,000 pound tank to your hunting cabin.  You’d have a quiet endless power supply in this camping generator.

I just purchsed this camping generator off of Amazon a few months back so I didn’t truly get to use it the way I wanted too.  But next ski season I promise you that I will not be running to the gas station to fill up gas cans when I can just schedule regular fill ups from the local propane company to come me.  How wonderful would that be to posted up in the backcountry, and have fuel delivered to me at a cheaper rate than the gas pumps?  To run my travel trailers onboard generator!

There might be a better camping generator out there that I am unaware of, and if so please leave it in the comments below, but as of now the best generator for travel trailer is the Champion 3400 Watt Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator.

Camping generators need to be portable, quiet, lightweight, durable and versatile.  This camping generator checks all 5 of those boxes and has the ability to run on 3 different fuel types including natural gas.  Making it the perfect travel trailer generator, off grid power source or the ultimate camping generator!

Will A 2000 Watt Generator Run The Air Conditioner in My Travel Trailer

No a 2000 watt generator will not run the rooftop air conditioner in your travel trailer.  If you have a window unit Air Conditioner you need at least a 2100 watt power source to start the compressor.  You need 2600 watts to start a compressor on a travel trailer rooftop air conditioner, and running 2000 watts to use your campers air conditioner.  Which is why the portable Champion is the best generator for travel trailer!

The Champion portable generator has a start boost of 3400 watts and runs continuously at 3100 watts with pure syne wave electricity.  Allowing it to start your air conditioners compressor, and continue to power it for up to 14 hours.

What Is The Best 3000 Watt Generator For My New Travel Trailer

Because of it’s lightweight, heavy duty construction, power output and quiet operation the best portable gasoline generator is the Champion 3400 watt Dual Fuel RV ready generator! 

I couldn’t be happier with this model, and possiblities it puts on the table.  Its rugged design gives me confidence that it will be apart of my RV travels for a long time to come.

You can buy a cheap chinese knock offs for half the price, but I promise you the best generator for travel trailers is the Champion 3400 watt Dual Fuel.  You get what you pay, and I don’t regret anything about this portable generator purchase!  The electric start on this generator is a game changer.  Allowing it to throw its hat in the ring as an onboard generator for your travel trailer.

Onboard Generator for Travel Trailers

So your probably wondering how this portable generator can be an onboard generator.  For less than $200 you can purchase 1 of 2 travel trailer accessories that will transform your travel trailer into allowing an onboard generator.

Option #1 – Onboard Generator for Travel Trailers

One travel trailer accessory that would allow an onboard generator setup is a trailer tongue generator tray that you can purchase from Amazon, Camping World & even e-trailer.  This heavy duty constructed generator tray fits onto the tongue of your travel trailer.  Sitting above your propane tanks.  Its a universal one size fits all scenario so you may have to drill some holes to fill your make and model.  I didn’t have too for my travel trailer setup, but there are a couple of a drawbacks.

Travel Trailer Modification Drawbacks

You have to lift your generator almost 5 feet in the air every time you want to take on or off.  Once its on there I suppose you could just leave it, but then it gets covered in all the mud and debris your tires kick up.  Another drawback for me was my travel trailers power chord was a couple of inches short.  Forcing me to buy an expensive 5 foot camper extension cord.  I wasn’t a fan of always having to drag the camper power cord out and plugging it in.  Eventually I secured it to the frame of my travel trailer so it was always plugged in.

Then I hard wired a toggle switch inside of my travel trailer to operate the on/off switch of the Champion RV generator.  Which worked out pretty slick.  I didn’t even have to get out of my camper to turn on the power supply.  Need to use the microwave?  Flip a toggle switch.  Want to turn on the A/C?  Flip a toggle switch.  For a $189 I had an onboard generator with an electric start for my travel trailer, and took less than an hour to install with hand tools.

Option #2 – Onboard Generator for Travel Trailers

The second method to installing an onboard generator for your travel trailer is to purchase a bumper mounted generator rack.  I prefer this method because you only have to lift the generator a couple of feet to take it on or off.  It was also easier to secure the travel trailer power cord to the frame with less exposure.  Plus, my tires weren’t kicking up debris on my new onboard generator.

Exterior Fuel Tank Solutions

With the layout of my travel trailer having the bathroom in the back.  The sound of the generator had to penetrate two wall lines and 10 feet of space before you could barely hear it inside the travel trailer.  Which is probably why the inside heater of my travel trailer is louder than this quiet onboard generator.  Big win in my book.  A friend of mine installed a remote start for me so I don’t even need to flip a switch anymore.  Just press a button on my keychain and my travel trailer powers right up.  I couldn’t be happier with this quiet onboard/portable travel trailer generator setup!  I am even thinking of mounting an aftermarket gas tank to the roof and running a fuel line down to the generator.  Allowing me to stay in the backcountry even longer.

Bumper Strut Supports

DIY generator box and tray for travel trailer. If you have any welding skills at all this would be a quick afternoon project to make your own generator box for your travel trailer. If you have any skills at welding you could whip this up in an afternoon, and purchase some bumper strut supports for a couple dollars to finish it off.  But at $185 I didn’t have to do anything but tighten 4 screws.  Which brings up security.  Right now I am using a combination of two bike locks.  However, I did find a heavy duty dog kennel off of Amazon that I plan to use as a cage around the generator to thwart thieves.  Its a bit on the pricey said, but delivers piece of mind so.  I’ll link to everything I have purchased.  If you have comments, concerns or suggestions leave em in the comments below.  Hope you enjoyed this RV modification on how to add an onboard generator to your travel trailer for less than $200.

***Don’t need dual fuel capabilities Champion makes a 3,000 watt generator with a remote start already installed.  How cool is that?!!?***

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  • Thanks for explaining that we should find a quiet generator so there’s not a constant rumbling in the air. My husband and I want to find a portable generator to rent that we can use on our upcoming RV trip. I’m glad I read your article because now I know what traits to look for as we shop for a portable quiet and lightweight generator. I love how this generator can run off both gas or propane. That is a game changer, and thanks for the travel trailer accessories on how to make this an onboard travel trailer generator. Such a cheap functional alternative. Can’t believe we didn’t think of it ourselves. From your recommendations we ordered the bumper mounted generator tray, and couldn’t be happier. Its a great design, and my husband installed it in less than an hour. He loves it! No more hauling the generator in and out of the camper. Thank you so much for this wonderful travel trailer generator article. Your travel trailer accessory tips have made living in our camper full time easier. Thanks Adam!

    • Daphne,

      I am so glad to hear that you have an onbaord generator for your travel trailer now. Maybe someday manufacturers will include this feature by default but until then like you said this is a very cheap and functional subsitute. Glad you found my rv travel blog, and were able to use my advice. WHat kind of generator do you own now? Because you live you in your travel trailer full time do you have any “must have camper accessories” you’d like to share with the rest of us?

  • This is so ingenius for an ultraquiet onboard generator option “less than $200!” I love it! I have been lugging around my portable generator for years. Unloading and reloading at every campsite we arrive or depart from. I can’t believe I never thought of this. And the video you provided in your email you should really post on this article. This is such an ultraquiet generator I could not believe that it couldn’t be heard from what looked like 10 feet away. Easily the quietest generator I have ever heard.

    I wasn’t in the market for buying a new travel trailer generator especially since mine is still working just fine, but after reading this and seeing that I think I just found my new travel trailer onboard super quiet generator. Do you have any updates you could share since owning this quiet camping Generator?

    • That is so nice of you Travis. Thanks for visiting my RV travel blog and reaching out for advice. Alot of countless hours have been spent creating the content you can find on this site. Glad to hear someone is benefitting from it, and I am always happy to hear when someone can relate to the products I am using like this ultraquiet generator by Champion.

      Like you I wasn’t really in the market either when I bought this portable generator, but when I saw it could run off of propane or gasoline I got pretty intriguied at the possibilities for the upcoming ski season. And after I found the tongue generator tray as well as bumper strut supports on amazon it was game on. I knew I could create an onboard generator setup with very little effort. I wasn’t very happy with my first setup, but the new setup is amazing. I forget I even had a generator some times. A reader reached out to me the other day with his setup and he used this 1 channel wireless control on/off switch to complete is travel trailer onboard generator setup. He said he first installed this on his waterpump because the switch in his travel trailer is located at the front of his camper so when you need to use the bathroom you have to walk that distance 3 times to flush the toilet. Now he has a switch in his bathroom and it only cost $15. And because he hasn’t had a problem with it in the 2 years its been installed he used it to complete his travel trailer onboard generator setup. Seems ingenious to me, and the perfect travel trailer accessory for this ultra quiet generator.

      As for additional tips I have uncovered since using this Champion dual fuel RV generator I’ve only discovered one. Although the generator is super quiet it doesn’t charge its own battery unless you have the electric start button switched to the “on” position while running. I used it for a month before uncovering this odd feature. The other day it wouldn’t start because the battery was dead. After calling Champion support who are wonderful by the way. They informed of this quirky trait. Not only did they educate me, but they shipped me a replacement battery for free. I didn’t even have to provide my reciept, purchase date or email address. Eventually I had to give them contact information on where to ship it too, but they offered a free replacement generator battery at no cost before they even knew who they were talking too.

      So you get a super quiet I mean ultra quiet generator that can run on 3 different fuel sources. Powerful enough to run your A/C unit, fridge and microwave. Light enough and portable enough to use tent camping or RV camping. Built with heavy duty construction in mind, and versatile enough to run a camper or an off grid cabin. Plus above and beyond generous phone support????? Companies like this I thought went extinct a long time ago!

      It is a flaw that this portable quiet generator doesn’t charge the battery by default without flipping a switch, but with a $15 part from amazon its an easy work around. It also appears to only power the lighted switch you could probably just leave it in the on position for as long as you like. Plenty of solutions to this flaw, but it did catch me off guard and there must be some electrical engineering reason for why it requires a flipped switch to charge an onboard battery in this quiet generator.

      Hope that answers your questions, and I think you’re right I should include my video in this post. I’ll work on that over the weekend and get it posted for you all. Thanks for the advice Travis. Happy Travels and again thanks for reaching out.


  • Adam,

    Thanks for the heads up on the switch. That is kind of odd. So I probably would have done the same thing. I did purchase the generator mount for my travel trailer that you mentioned in this article, and your right. Its absolutely wonderful! I never even considered a generator mount for travel trailer, but I am so glad I did. This new setup is perfect! Going to be wiring in a switch this weekend, and will finally have an onboard generator for my travel trailer. Pretty exciting stuff! My neighbor is already eyeballing and asking questions about the generator mount for travel trailer. I am sure this is going to be a big hit at the campgrounds this summer, and I am going to refer everyone to this “best travel trailer generator” page.

    Now when someone asks me do travel trailers have generators I can answer them, and show them a solution to have a travel trailer with generator option.

    • I’ve only had my “onboard generator for travel trailer” less than a month and every days someone asks me what I used for this generator mount for travel trailer? Its remarkable how intrigued people get over such a simple RV modification. Especially when you think about it. Every camper owner owns a portable generator, and almost all camper owners will tell you they wished their travel trailer came with a microquiet onan onboard generator like most RVs come with. Its funny what manufacturers will cut corners on isn’t it.

      Anyways, glad you figured out how to mount the generator to your travel trailer. If anyone ever asks you about a generator box or generator muffler you can always send them here too. I also posted the video like you suggested, but I’m kinda nervous. Never made a video before, and to have my first video about a generator mount for travel trailer is a bit unnerving. Oh well hope you all find it useful and enjoy many camping nights with your new travel trailer onboard generator mount. Happy travels!

  • I really wanted an onboard generator for my travel trailer, but this thing took off in price, over $1k now, missed the boat! :(. Guess I should subscribe to your RV travel newsletter so I don’t miss the next camper accessory you publish.

    • Paul,

      No worries Paul there will always be a “next” deal. Have you looked on facebook marketplace or craigslist to find a good used one?

  • First time reader and love what I am reading so far. Just bought my first trailer (used 1999 Nash) and I’m looking to live in it in Utah this winter. But I have lots to learn and prepare for first.

    A generator is at the top of my list, but it looks like the 3400 watt is priced close to $2K now. Interestingly, there is a 3800 watt one that looks very similar. The biggest difference I can see is that it is a bit louder (68 dba instead of 59 for the one you talk about here). It is also a bit heavier, but I’m not worried about that.

    I don’t have much experience with generators, so I’m wondering if the 3800 is close enough (on amazon as “Champion Power Equipment 76533 4750/3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator with Electric Start” in case you want to look it up) and quiet enough. I was planning on putting it on my bumper like you talk about here, but my bedroom is in the rear, so maybe not? Or maybe just get a little white noise going on my phone to drown it out?

    Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this site. It’s very useful.

    • Garrett,

      Thanks for visiting my RV travel blog and reaching out to me. You caught me in the middle of writing a blog post about MN camping, and I needed a break. So thanks for that.

      I didn’t realize these generators were pushing close to $2,000. I had to go see for myself. Thought you looked it up wrong, but you are right. I can say I’ve had mine for over a year now, and am not disappointed one bit. My brother even went out and bought the exact same one. Someone even tried stealing mine from the back of the truck, but I had a bike lock on it. They tried breaking the housing to get it free, but this thing is heavy duty!! I’m guessing that price point will go down after Champion can start manufacturing them again, but for now supply and demand. Amazon vendors are ripping people off,but you can buy it from Home Depot for half the price. Just follow this link

      I’m sure you can probably find it for normal price at any of the big box stores like Home Depot, Menards, Harbor Freight, Northern Tool or even Tractor Supply.

      As for the generator yo mentioned I would not recommend that one. The one I recommend is considered a suitcase generator. Suitcase generator have more of a focus on portability and quietness. The kind you mention is more of a workhouse style generator. Made for construction sites and volatile atmosphere’s. They are made with metal casings instead of plastic casings. Obviously that means they are more rugged, but they are also louder, bigger and heavier. If you want the generator my brother and I now own just buy it from Home depot using the link I shared above. They will mail it right to your door or offer in store pick up. That is the route I would go, or if you don’t need a dual fuel generator here is one just like my model without the propane feature for also half the price from Amazon.

      If your worried about the vibration into your bedroom you can always use something like this mount your generator on the tongue of your travel trailer. When you visited my site was there a video you could watch of my review of this generator? If not you can view that using this link and I provided a link to all of these generator accessories to make it easy to find and research which ones would work best for your rig and setup.

      Thanks again for visiting my RV travel blog. Maybe I’ll see you this winter. I’m planning on hanging out near Lake Powell in my new Toyota Sunrader rig. Happy travels Garrett.


      • Thanks Adam! I actually lived in Minnesota for a couple years (in a house though) when I worked for IBM down in Rochester. Loved the great people but not the weather!

        I ended up being able to find a big box store that had it in stock and will be shipping it to me (most places it was back-ordered).

        I did just watch the video. And I thought of something to add to your content here. At the time you said you left it out in the elements. Did that work for you through the winter? Seems like some sort of cover would be a important. Home Depot and Lowe’s suggested one to me with my potential purchase on their sites. Wondering if they are any good — so seems like something to add to this or to your new MN camping post or whatever.

        In any case, I’ll definitely be getting a nice lock for it though!

        Lake Powell is awesome. I may indeed see you there! I’m trying to figure out something for staying close by Salt Lake City, but we’ll see how cold it gets and how good I do with prepping for that (the trailer came with a catalytic heater that I’m looking forward to using). Speaking of, another idea for you related to how to camp in the winter in colder climates – mostly around plumbing and whether to keep water in tanks and lines and if so, how to best protect them. No need to answer that question here though. Just giving you food for thought!

        Thanks again,


      • Hey Garrett,

        Welcome back! I am so happy you found this generator at an affordable price. You will not be disappointed. Just remember to keep the “on” switch on while its running to charge your internal battery.

        Thanks for watching my video and providing feedback on it. Thats is AWESOME!!!! Very thankful on that. Sometimes us content creators are too close and forget what people are actually looking for. So let me address your feedback.

        I have heard of generator covers, and to be honest if the generator needs to be protected from the elements than its NOT LIFE PROOF. Its not designed well its not for me. This Champion 3400 watt generator however is a CHAMPION!!! Not only does it not require a cover to protect it from the elements it doesn’t even need its casing. Like I said yesterday, someone tried stealing mine and broke the housing all to shit. You can see the internal electronics and wires. I crafted a makeshift fiberglass cover to try and protect these now exposed electronics from the elements. Somewhere along the lines I lost that, and used this 3400 watt dual fuel champion generator for 6 months at 9,000 feet in elevation from November – March of last year without one incident. Its just a work horse that doesn’t care. All it needs is fuel. It sat outside in the rain, snow, fog, and freezing temperatures. It started right up first time every time. It sat for a week covered in wet leaves in the fall while I was on a multi-day hiking trip, and forgot to bring it in. A tree fell on it in the winter because of an ice storm. Didn’t matter this little champ does not care about anything except fuel, and it only takes $4/day to run. I promise you won’t be disappointed, and let me help you out some more.

        Read this

        I stayed in Ogden Utah for an entire ski season with full hookups at this mobile home for free. It dumped snow up in the mountains daily, but down in Ogden (north of SLC) I only experienced snow on the ground 3 days that entire winter. I stayed warm in that shitty RV I had at the time with nothing more than $10 Wal-mart fan heater and $20 Wal-mart electric blanket. There is so many other things I would do different with that opportunity’s but if your looking for a cheap place to live this winter in a full service town that offers everything from indoor sky diving to backcountry skiing at an affordable cost of living Ogden Utah is pretty fucking legit.

        You caught me yesterday in “provide beneficial content mode” so I can’t not answer your wonderful feedback.

        Winter camping is a beast in itself to tame, but you can approach it like boon docking or if you have the right rig pay it no attention at all.

        For example, in my shitty RV I had in Ogden at the time I kept no water in the tanks or the lines. I just used a 5 gallon McDonalds water jug inside my camper for my water supply. I got a membership at gym for showers. Until I found out the code to the club house that provided showers and laundry. If you have an RV that isn’t build for 4 seasons than there are a number of a things you will want to do to prep for winter camping.

        1) skirt your camper. You can do this with wood, metal or I just use 1 inch insulation boards.
        2)wrap your tanks with heat tape and insulation boards
        3)wrap your water lines with heat tape
        4)wrap your water hose line with heat tape and cover the heat tape with foam noodle insulation

        if you do these 4 things you can camp in Minnesota where it gets to negative 32 degrees multiple times a year during the winter and have no issues.

        But I will take your advice and write an article properly covering winter camping on its own, but I’m glad you gave me the opportunity to help give you some ideas to think about.

        Hopefully this was helpful, and don’t hesitate if you have any more questions. I’m probably going to head to Utah here in the next week or so. So keep in touch if you want to meet up, and chat some more.

        Happy travels,

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