• Hello! I’m currently in the military and might have an amazing opportunity to attend a university while being paid. Are there any reasonably priced 1-2 year full hookups near Seattle, San Francisco or San Diego that you know of? By living in one of these cities I will be able to maximize my pay while in attendance. Thank you for your time.

    • Nick,

      Thats sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I wish I could help you out, but my definition of near to those type of cities would be 2-3 hours away. Plus San Francisco is going through a major housing crisis right now so your not the only one thinking of living out of a camper lessen the cost of living. Which is causing quite the uproar. I could do some searching for your, but I wouldn’t be optimistic. I did that for a lady a few months ago and the cheapest even I could find within striking range of her requirements (within the city) was $500/month and it was literally a tar parking lot behind some guys business. It could definitely be down. Its called urban boondocking, and its what I did this last winter in Minnesota. Follow this link to read more about that. You just move from place to place each day. I stayed at a lot of church parking lots, movie theaters, walmarts, home depots, 24 hour gyms and even hotel parking lots. Here’s some more reading material on how to make urban boondocking work for you. You can also check out these two links on how to find cheap RV Hookups or Resources for cheap RV hookups. It also never hurts. Just call the RV parks in the area or visit their website and look up what their monthly rates. Sometimes you’d be surprised how cheap they are. I actually just found one I’m going to stay at for the winter here in Colorado for only $265 a month with full rv hookups.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.



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